St Bríds school, St Anthony’s school and the Linenhall Arts Centre

St. Brids and St Anthony's 2014

‘Fruit Full’

A series of workshops and the presentation of nine performances of “Fruit Full”, a multi-sensory performance at the Linenhall Arts Centre, Castlebar for 40 students with intellectual disabilities from St Bríds and St Anthony’s schools, Castlebar by New Moon Theatre Project, Galway. Each performance of ‘Fruit Full’ is designed for an audience of five with their carer’s and explores the four seasons through the human senses. The audience gets involved in various ways including touching soil and plants and experiencing the wind in their faces. The performance was complemented by a range of participative arts workshops designed to extend and deepen audience engagement with the piece. With mood enhancing music and visuals, skilled interaction from performers and a gentle, welcoming atmosphere “Fruit Full” was a deeply engaging experience for those in attendance.


“Both the Fruit Full performers and the visual art workshop designers reported that these participant profiles were very useful for them in preparing for the delivery of their respective elements in the project”. (Orla Henihan, Arts Access officer, Linenhall Arts Centre)


“As a school we’ve been to lots of workshops events. I felt a lot of work went into this to meet all our children’s needs. I felt it was the best event we’ve attended as a school. Well done! Thank You”! (Teacher, St Bríd’s school)


On the day of  the preview / pre-show workshop there was a real feeling of delight when the teachers realised that the show was in fact tailor made for their students”. (Orla Henihan, Arts Access Officer, Linenhall Arts Centre)