Ridgepool Training Centre and Ballina Arts Centre: Ballina

The cast of "The Fanciful" hotel in character and posing for the photograph.

‘The Fanciful Hotel’

A music and drama project facilitated by artists Niamh Mc Grath (drama facilitator) and Mary Curran (musician) with a group of disabled people from the Ridgepool Training Centre. This project culminated in a hugely successful performance of work, devised and written by the group, to an invited audience in Ballina Arts Centre.


“The Ridgepool Training Centre group have grown in confidence and are keen to engage with arts projects. They are a tight-knit group with a solid ethos of mutual support. The Training Centre staff are very professional and keen to take on different arts projects and undertakings. They support the group members very well and take an active interest in their development through the arts”. (Sean Walsh, director, Ballina Arts Centre)

“The project was a wonderful success. The performance by the group was a cohesive, ambitious and entertaining piece of work, bringing together the two different art forms, and using them well to tell a story”. (Sean Walsh, Director, Ballina Arts Centre)