Pat Youell, Maura Gilligan and the Rural Training Centre, Castlebar

Pat Yoell Image rural training centre


A series of 10 visual arts and creative writing workshops on the theme of nature and the natural cycle of the year, facilitated by visual artist Pat Youell and poet/writer Maura Gilligan to 40 participants made up of children from the two senior classes at St. Anthony’s School and service users at the Rural Training Centre. The workshops culminated in an exhibition of Silk Hangings, presented to an audience of 65 attendees on 2nd December 2016 at the Rural Training Centre.



“This project worked extremely well on several levels – from the early experimental stages huge enthusiasm was encountered among both the pupils of St. Anthony’s and the adults from the Rural Training Centre. The gathering of natural materials to be used in the dyeing process gave people choice in the preparation of their work, the camaraderie of the groups in working together towards a creative end, the writing workshops which drew out words to describe the artistic experience, the use of all the senses in the process – all made for a very inclusive and enjoyable series of sessions”. (Pat Youell, Artist)