Carrowbeg Artists Collective and the Custom House Studios: Westport

Upstart at carrowbeg in 2013. Two me are casting next to a furnace whil a small crowd of on lookers, stand in the door way behind them.



This project encouraged the Carrowbeg artists to explore working in three dimensions. Following sculpture workshops over eight weeks with artists John McHugh and Grainne O’Reilly, the group visited sculptor Tim Morris’s foundry to see how bronze is cast. They were invited to exhibit their wonderful sculptures at the Custom House Gallery end of year exhibition, alongside professional artists.


“The completed works were exhibited as part of an annual end of year exhibition at Custom House Studios – alongside a selection of other artists who used the facilities during 2013.  “The participants were all very pleased with the finished outcome of their efforts. There was a real sense of achievement and of having completed something new and different for each of them. There was a distinct awareness of ownership of the works among all the participants”. (John McHugh, Director, Custom House Studios)